About Us

Here’s the part where we go on and on about our culture and what a great place this is to work for and so forth.

You don’t have time for that. You’ve got things to do and problems to solve. So we’ll keep it simple:

abeedle.com was founded in 1998 to provide strategy, support, and results to clients who were just embarking on marketing in the digital world. In the nearly 20 years that have followed, we have kept our clients at the forefront of every major (and effective) trend in digital marketing. In 2016 alone, our campaigns resulted in directly attributable new revenue for clients in excess of $40,000,000.

Beyond that, we believe that any good partnership begins with a good fit between the client and the agency. If we don’t work well together, then getting you the best results possible will be harder to achieve. Plus it may increase our joint average consumption of wine, bourbon, or donuts to a point that would be bad for everyone.

What else?

We have always been committed to keeping our team small and as efficient as possible. We employ an integrated approach to digital marketing where each team member has cross-functional skills. We believe in eliminating the superfluous so we can focus on what matters most – getting you the best results possible. We love the communities that we call home and give special love to our “hometown” of Roanoke, Virginia.

We are seriously dog friendly.

Yes, we’ve won awards (national Addy’s, etc…) and our client work has been featured in some really great places (US News, the Wall Street Journal, and so forth). Mostly, we really love what we do, we’re really good at it, and we genuinely care about making our clients successful.

If you’d like to learn more about us, then get in touch or read more about our community work and what our clients have to say.

Photo of Roanoke, VA community


We love getting a chance to be part of an awesome community in Roanoke, Virginia. We work to partner with the non-profits and local initiatives that make this such a great place to live. Recently, we have worked with a historic local theatre, the area food bank and the annual outdoor festival. We are also gearing up for our first annual Roanoke Pro-Bono Day, where our team of digital experts will meet with local non-profits and tell them all about the tools and systems we use to manage client campaigns.

Learn about our commitment to the community!

Client shaking hand with account rep


We have worked with some great organizations over the years and had the chance to be a part of some pretty cool projects. To us the client-agency relationship is one of mutual respect and teamwork. Working together gives us the best chance to create truly innovative marketing campaigns that move the bottom line. But don’t let us convince you, hear from our clients themselves.

Hear what clients have to say about working with us!