Roanoke, VA downtown skyline


Our “home-base” of Roanoke, VA is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. Not only is it a beautiful place but the people are awesome and there are a ton of great outreach initiatives that support our community. We have had the honor of supporting some of these great organizations with pro bono work in web development, ad campaign management, marketing strategy, and outright sponsorships and donations. We love the chance to be able to give back especially when it’s for a cause or group that is close to home. Check out some of our favorite projects that we are honored to be a part of.

Salem/Roanoke County Food Pantry

We are always inspired and impressed by this dedicated group of volunteers who help provide food and financial assistance to those in need. In 2016 alone, they helped an impressive total of over 14,000 people and had over 200 volunteers who donated their time. From collecting food for families in need to providing snacks for elementary students, these folks really do it all.

In 2016, we got the chance to help them create targeted Facebook ads to promote giving during their fundraising event in March. Later in the year, we developed a new website for their organization to highlight and promote the great work they do and to make it easier for donors to give. We look forward to continuing to help them get the word out about the great work they do and how the community can support their efforts!

Screenshot of the Food Pantry homepage

Roanoke Go Fest: Ultimate Air Dogs Competition

Buddy dog jumping into a pool

Roanoke Go Outside Festival is an awesome event every fall in the area. They host a ton of cool outdoor activities for the community to participate in (or watch as the case may be). From log rolling competitions to a hammock lounge, they really have it all!

We have always loved the event and we’re excited to get the change to sponsor one of our favorite parts of it for the 2016 festival. Ultimate Air Dogs combines two of our favorite things – dogs and water. Mix the two together and you are in for a treat. Throughout the weekend festival, folks can bring their dogs to try “dock jumping.” While our dogs did not attend (turns out Newfoundlands love water but don’t really have the height to be successful), we loved getting the chance to support such a fun activity!

The Grandin Theatre

The historic Grandin Theatre is a great spot to catch a movie! The theater first opened it doors in 1932 and was the first in the area to show “talking pictures.” Today the theater continues to play movies thanks to the dedication of the Grandin Theatre foundation, which raises money to help preserve this important piece of Roanoke’s history.

When we aren’t seeing movies there, we love helping the Grandin Theatre with their marketing and fundraising efforts. From ideas on how to reach more customers to troubleshooting where that duplicate Facebook page came from, we love getting the chance to be a part of such a cool aspect of the area.

Photo of the outside of the Grandin Theatre