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Are any of these problems a special challenge for you and your team?

“It’s Hard to Get Our Arms Around the Digital Landscape”

We get it! Back when we started in 1998, Google’s adwords platform hadn’t been created yet, web pages had only had pictures on them for two years, and response rates to blind emails were over 30%. A lot has changed… and continues to change all the time.

Our clients often find value in two approaches: focusing efforts on a small set of tools to start (then expanding as revenue and resources permit) and rigorously measuring a few key variables that indicate the overall health of the marketing program and the business.

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“Our Lead Volume is Low and Unpredictable”

Ughh!! That’s the worst! There are a number of potential causes for sluggish and erratic lead flow, but frankly, solving the problem is more important than diagnosing it. Our work with clients begins with looking for the quickest “wins” possible. That means finding and exploiting sources of traffic that can deliver qualified volume at decent acquisition costs.

Quick wins often involve tuning and optimizing existing PPC campaigns to take advantage of a better universe of negative keywords (terms you *should not* be advertising against on Google) as well as opportunities to target ad purchases to more qualified audiences or at more productive times of day (or pausing call-only ads during hours when no one is answering the phone.)

Once things have stabilized and lead volume is moving in the right direction, we work to expand the program at a positive ROI as well as identify the most productive sources of new prospects.

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“Our Current Agency Says Traffic is Up, But Our Revenue Doesn’t Agree”

Numbers are a funny thing. But no matter how much your web visits are supposedly growing or the number of new likes you have on Facebook, unless revenue is increasing with a decent margin, you’re out of luck. We often engage with clients who have been getting rosy reports from their vendors and internal staff, but aren’t seeing a concurrent increase in revenue growth and new client or student quality.

What’s the first order of business? Creating agreement about what counts as a win and what the steps are to get there. From there, we figure out how to accurately measure results and the stages of the marketing/buying cycle and then create a regular schedule of reporting, analysis, and accountability to keep things moving in the right direction.

To be sure, many times, there are deeper problems in the buying cycle that are uncovered by rigorously tracking lead flow and attaching it to revenue results. But without accurate reporting and analysis, they are devilishly hard to uncover.

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“We Get No Organic Traffic”

Some may say that quantity has a quality all its own, but in the world of web traffic, increased quantity without thought to its quality is more than a double edged sword — oftentimes, it’s a widowmaker. The key to solid and useful organic lead flow is solid and useful organic web traffic. Our clients soon come to realize that the race for volume is ALWAYS best replaced by a careful campaign for highly intentional traffic that is ready to take the next step.

Most of the work to attract good organic traffic lies in three key areas: Producing highly valuable (or entertaining) content; On-page fixes that make webpages easier to use and faster to load; Off-page and off-site work that improves inbound links to your site (either through content oriented links from reputable sites or more accurate and uniform ‘citations’ of your site and business on the web.)

Chasing “keywords” is really only a small part of this. For our clients, the most important element is being relevant and at the top of results for search queries that are most likely to result in users taking the next step.

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“Social Media Profiles Have A Ton of Likes, But Don’t Generate Business”

You took a great video, dropped some titles on it, wrote an engaging description and posted it to Facebook. The likes poured in (okay, well maybe the likes just sort of came in steadily at a slightly higher rate than you usually see.) But nobody is inquiring. Nobody is buying. Lots of thumbs ups, but no dollar signs.

Social media can be like a middle school party where the music is loud and everyone is talking, but nobody is on the dance floor. How do you take spectators and turn them into active participants in your business or your online community?

In general, our clients do best when they work on a very conscious balance of having most of their content be genuinely valuable or instructional, then slightly less of that content being entertaining, and finally a very considered and careful portion of content aimed directly at calls to action in conjunction with solid advertising.

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