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In order to create a quality, comprehensive social media plan as a college or university, you have to first understand the possibilities and limits of each social platform. This infographic accompanies our blog article How Colleges Should Use Instagram. We explain the demographics of Instagram users and how to create and structure content that will…(Read More)

If you are a college or university working to create a social media plan that will increase your prospects, you have to understand how each social platform works. This infographic explains why you should have a Facebook page, how the Facebook newsfeed works, the types of content to post and the best ways to leverage…(Read More)

Welcome to the Week in PPC! Today we are talking about a recent study by Advent Communication on the accuracy of Google’s location targeting. Marketers have long suspected that Google’s ability to accurately track both mobile and desktop devices is far weaker than they have implied. Now the results are in….and they…(Read More)

Are you a college or university looking to optimize your Twitter profile in order to attract more students? We’ve outlined some guidelines on how to use Twitter effectively to connect with new students. Learn more about how Twitter works and how it organizes content. Then find out what you should be posting and how…(Read More)

Welcome to The Week in PPC! Today we discuss Facebook’s announcement that they will begin using third party tools to verify video viewing statistics. Plus we look at the different ways you can pay for Facebook ads and the benefits of Facebook’s new option to bid on “viewable impressions.” Second, we look at…(Read More)

Are you considering a Content Marketing plan for your college or university? This infographic outlines the four key steps to creating a plan that is both effective and manageable. Use this structure to develop the types of content that prospects are looking for while also creating resources that will provide lead traffic from the major…(Read More)

Welcome to The Week in PPC! Today we are talking about how Google is changing the way that Adwords reports conversions. For many colleges and universities, this may change the way you track the success of your campaigns. We have two key tips to help you prepare for this new form of reporting. Then we…(Read More)

Ready to create a social media plan for your college or university? This infographic will guide you through the process of developing your own successful plan. With this structure for your social media guide, you will engage social engagement with your brand and drive prospects! For more detail on each section of the guide, follow…(Read More)

The Week in PPC – Episode 1 Welcome to the Week in PPC! In this episode we look at the share of search across Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL and make some recommendations about how to spend your pay-per-click ad dollars accordingly. (Spoiler alert: We still believe that getting things in order on the…(Read More)

Hi folks, We post infographics and larger articles on alternate weeks. Last week, we talked about 3 proven strategies getting more customers through Facebook and for making Facebook marketing work for your business. This week, we’re offering an infographic that shows just how large Facebook’s user base has become. And the short version…(Read More)