Hi folks, We post infographics and larger articles on alternate weeks. Last week, we talked about 3 proven strategies getting more customers through Facebook and for making Facebook marketing work for your business. This week, we’re offering an infographic that shows just how large Facebook’s user base has become. And the short version…(Read More)

Back in 2009, I wrote a piece about a post at Inside Higher Ed. Basically, they were trying to warn colleges of the dangers of getting mixed up in social media marketing and ran down a series of risks associated with marketing on Facebook combined with a nice “horror story” about an inept attempt by…(Read More)

My good friend and colleague Frank Martin used to write a wonderful blog on all things marketing (and occasionally on cool stuff about Italy). Every year, he would offer 12 Marketing Resolutions. I highly recommend that, at least once per year, you take a break and make some concrete resolutions that will improve your marketing…(Read More)

Several years ago, I wrote a piece called “Ten Things Prospects Hate About You”. Next to “Why Email Doesn’t Work” it was the second most popular column I’ve ever done. Recently, someone asked me for a copy of both parts of that piece and, wouldn’t you know it, I looked it over…(Read More)